L’âge de la tortue

Visual arts – Performing arts
NGO founded in 2001 in Rennes (France)


L’âge de la tortue is an association that conceives and develops artistic projects in the fields of visual and performing arts. 
Based on a critical thinking of our contemporary society and the respect of cultural rights, L’âge de la tortue questions our relation to 
political and societal representations in order to change our vision of the world. 

The methodologies applied, which will take the form of interdisciplinary laboratories led by artists working on a long term basis within communities, will feed into the production of the outcomes. These laboratories shall be comprised from different art disciplines, think tanks, and participating laboratories with individuals and teams in their particular territory.

Created in 2001 and established in the district of Le Blosne in Rennes, L’âge de la tortue manages its projects from a micro-local level in coordination with other territories in Europe.

The team of L’âge de la tortue is composed of :

Sophie Archereau – Co-director and coordinator

Paloma Fernandez Sobrino – Author and stage director

Léa Gosselin – Communication and graphic design manager

Élodie Chabaud – Responsible for cultural policy



France – 2016
Mise en scène: Paloma Fernández Sobrino
Accompaniment of mise en scène and playback: Nathalie Elain
Acting: Benoît Hattet
Performing arts

Trouv dans loubli_web

Collaboration between L’âge de la tortue and The Fomenteur Company.

The desire to bring Found in oblivion to the stage was born immediately after reading this text. This short story comes from the collection The Blind Sunflowers by Alberto Mendez. In a wonderfully simple style he tells the story of a young poet who fled his country with his pregnant wife. Their bodies will be found as well as the diary of their last days. This story is the heart of a mise en scène that aims to serve a deeply moving text.






France – Spain – Portugal – Gibraltar – 2014/2017
Initiated by Paloma Fernández Sobrino
Visual arts

Visuel_edm_horizontalThe Encyclopedia of migrants, an experimental artistic project initiated by Paloma Fernández Sobrino, is aimed at producing an encyclopedia containing 400 testimonies of the life stories of migrant people. This is a collaborative work based in Le Blosne district in Rennes. The project will include a network of 8 cities along the Atlantic side of Europe, between Breton Finistère in Brittany and Gibraltar (Brest, Rennes, Nantes, Gijón, Porto, Lisbon, Cadiz and Gibraltar).

By replacing the expected knowledge classically collected in encyclopedias with the sensitive testimonies of migrants, the project aims to affirm the value represented by the life stories of migrants in our societies. The Encyclopedia will be an art object which will be edited to produce 8 copies (1 per partner city). A digital version of the Encyclopedia will be available for free consultation on the website of the project from January 2017.






Rennes (Fr) – Tarragona (Es) – Warsaw (Pl) – 2012/2014
Initiated by Romain Louvel
Visual arts


Visuel-ExpeditionsEXPEDITIONS is a European cooperation project that took place in the cities of Tarragona (Spain), Rennes (France), and Warsaw (Poland) between December 2012 and June 2014. This project brought together a multidisciplinary team composed of artists, social science researchers and education specialists. Their aim was to rediscover working-class areas that are all too often stigmatisedand to offer new representations to reinvigorate our images of these working-class communities. Together with children in the neighbourhood of Ponent, in Tarragona; Maurepas, in Rennes; and Praga, in Warsaw, these researchers came to know the daily lives of the people who live and work in these areas.

This project has given rise to, among other things, 3 immersive residencies, 3 international art exhibitions, 3 multidisciplinary seminars and the production of a book, a documentary film and a website.